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Zombie RPG


A group of campers at Davie Brown Campground in Santa Ynez, California, are alerted by the Forest Rangers that a disease has spread from Los Angeles, and is killing millions.  Not only that, but the dead are rising, and there is no cure…



Although this takes place in Modern day, this is an alternate reality where no person or place is exactly the same as our world. (You, the player, do not exist in the world. Nor do any of your friends or family.)

There will be some form of “Madness” rule system, based on your actions.  The results of what you do will affect your alignment in the game, and may eventually lead to true madness.  I will notate these rules once I have finalized them.

No combat/fighting experts: You are average people, not trained assassins.

No animal zombies, but Zombies do eat animals.

GM will keep a record of team food calories and water.  At the start of each day, I will ask for your consumption for the day.  You will have a finite amount of carrying capacity and resources.



Zombies are those of “The Walking Dead”: walking corpses.  They are slow moving, attracted to loud noises and bright lights.  They tend to herd together, and their bite spread the disease.

The disease is airborne: If someone dies, they turn into zombies.

Removing infected areas: you can removed infected areas, thus stopping the spread of the disease.


Santa Barbara Undead